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MEDIA: Smartcard
SYNOPSIS: The Empathy Smartcard is a 16-panel product that can serve as a quick reference guide during hip-pocket training, guided discussions, or Leader Professional Development (LPD) sessions. It examines the leader attribute, Empathy, and includes basic facts, key considerations, and tips to communicating with empathy. This also outlines how this attribute can be cultivated and how it relates to leader effectiveness, command climate, and prevention.
PRINTING INSTRUCTIONS: When folded properly, the smartcard fits in a cargo pocket. Print on both sides, flip on short edge, landscape, tabloid 17x11.

Empathy Videos

What is empathy, and why is it important?

Why are some individuals hesitant to show empathy or talk about it?

What skills does a person need to be empathetic?

Give examples of how you demonstrate empathy in your work environment or duty assignment.

How do you show empathy to someone you may dislike or do not understand?

How do you teach empathy, and what are the benefits of teaching empathy?