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Interactive multimedia instruction (IMI) lessons are videos designed to target an area of development based on leadership competencies outlined in ADP. Displayed below is the Leadership Requirements Model (LRM). IMI lessons are associated with leader competencies. Click on a leader competency to see associated IMI lessons.

Building and Maintaining a Positive Climate

Achieving Shared Understanding

Building Trust

Building Working Relationships Across Boundaries

Creating and Promulgating a Vision of the Future

Enabling Subordinates Using Mission-Focused Delegation

Extending Influence During Negotiation

Fostering Team Unity

Leadership Decision Making

Making Influence Count

Managing Difficult Behavior

Seeking and Incorporating Diverse Ideas

Creating and Supporting Challenging Job Assignments

Every Leader as a Coach

Managing Conflict

Rapid Team Stand-up: How to Build Your Team ASAP

Seeking and Delivering Face-to-Face Feedback

Supporting the Developing Leader

The Art of Asking Questions

The Leader's Role in Providing On-the-Job Learning and Support

The Value of Self-Awareness

Accounting for Differences in Capabilities and Commitment

Beyond People Skills: Leveraging Your Understanding of Others

Clarifying Roles

Motivating through Rewards

Navigating Contentious Conversations

Removing Work Barriers