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CAL's Annual Study of Army Leadership (CASAL)

CAL's Annual Study of Army Leadership (CASAL) is a recurring annual CAC initiative, since 2005, to capture trends in leadership, leader development (LD), the operating environment and special topics. The longitudinal nature and Army-wide administration of CASAL produces valid and reliable insights that are generalizable and actionable. The findings inform senior leaders and key stakeholders about the quality and effectiveness of Army leadership, LD and impacts of the operating environment.

Names are randomly selected from the total population of all currently-serving Regular Army, US Army Reserve, Army National Guard, and Army Civilian personnel. By using random sampling, the feedback reflects the entire Army population, allowing for accurate insights into specific matters related to leadership, leader effectiveness, and leader development.
No data that could be used to identify a specific individual or a person’s specific responses will be shared with any unit, organization, or chain-of-command.
Only group statistics will be reported, not for any specific individual, unit, or organization.

Since 2005, CASAL results have been used to detect changes in the quality of leadership skills, the effectiveness of leader development practices, and the climate in which they occur.

Survey runs from late October to late November.

Each participant who is selected for CASAL is assigned a unique URL via their military email. That URL must not be shared or distributed.

Each year, CASAL results are presented at the Army Profession Forum. Secretary of the Army, the Chief of Staff of the Army, and Sergeant Major of the Army use the APF to provide guidance, shape strategic messaging, and facilitate dialog among the Army’s senior leaders.
This survey is your opportunity to share your opinion about your leader development experiences and the quality of leadership in the Army in order to influence change.

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